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Hello, I'm Steven Johnson or StevieJrPhotography. I have been a photographer for over 4 years now. I got interested in the photography because there are so many things to capture. I love to do street photography and take portraits of random people. I also enjoy doing landscape photography when I'm traveling. When I entered into highschool I started learning about film photography and I really do love B&W film as well as color film. I love the process behind it and how it looks. If you keep scrolling you'll see my projects and if you want anything to be printed or sent to you just email me. Enjoy my portfolio!

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BlackLivesMatter DC

My photos from the 2020 BlackLivesMatter protest in Washington, DC.

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From Eye to Camera

This project features some of my favorite photos from the streets of DC all the way to Italy. Here you'll find my personal style of photography and how I try to capture the world. Enjoy!

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Nightscapes to Landscapes

This project features my astrophotography as well as my favorite landscape photos from over the years. These images were taken all over the world so I hope you enjoy!

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My formal portraitures as well as some street portraits. Most of them are from around the US, but I got some cool portraits from Italy so Enjoy!

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